Air Freight Container

Ultra-Lightweight ♦ Durable ♦ Resilient

EXTREME™ innovational Ultra-Lightweight “Sandwich” panel-system for Air-Cargo Shipping Containers fuses multi-layered woven Thermoplastic Glass-Fiber-Composite with sophisticated cores (Honeycomb or FET insulation), creating drastic weight reduction, increasing durability and net-payload-capacity critical for the Air Freight industry.

The Hybrid Composite containers provide ♦Superior impact-resistance & Tensile-strength ♦Drastic reductions in Fuel Consumption, Emissions & Maintenance Costs ♦98% UV protection ♦Highest Durability & Resilience ♦Significantly increased Economical Life-span & ROI.

The panels are X-Ray transparent for safe and easy security & customs/contraband inspections, as well as Electromagnetic-wave transparent for advanced IoT/RFID Telemetric and Efficient-Logistics technologies.

Air-Shipping Containers Advantages


  • Ultra-lightweight Composite Container panels

  • Water-proof, Chemical & Corrosion resistant

  • Highly-Durable ♦Resilient ♦Impact-Resistant

  • 98% UV light/radiation shield/protection

  • Sustainable ♦Eco-Friendly ♦100% Recyclable

  • X-RAY, Electromagnetic/Radio Transparent

  • Customizable ♦Insulation ♦Color ♦Shape


  • Net Payload Capacity

  • Increase Logistical-Efficiencies & Safety

  • Versatile Utility, Function & Appearance 

  • UV Protected ♦Extended Economical-Lifespan

  • Corrosion-free ♦Easy to clean ♦Low maintenance

  • Safe & Easy CBS Customs/Security inspections

  • Optimized for IoT / Logistics / RFID Telemetry

Eco-Friendly “Green”


EXTREME™ composite Air Freight Container panels are Ecologically-Sound, Cost-Efficient & Highly Economical for their Extended Lifespan.

versatile panels are Mass-customizable:

  • Size, Shape, Color & Texture (Non-Slip/High-Grip Floor)

  • Function (Refrigeration, Food/Pharma, Heavy-duty)

  • Insulation (Refrigeration, Temperature-control)

  • Resilience (Tensile-strength, Stiffness)


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