Shipping Container (Sea\Land)

EXTREME™  panel transportation system meets and exceeds the demands of extreme operations: Withstanding the corrosive environment & harsh weather/climatic conditions of sailing the oceans, and the radical working stresses of overland hauling; Delivering advanced engineered solutions for Walls/Ceiling & Flooring Panels of the “Next-Generation” Shipping-Containers.

EXTREME™ innovational Glass-PP-Fiber reinforced Thermoplastic Composite “Bundled-Technologies” Panels combine Ultra-Lightweight, enhanced impact-resistance, high tensile-strength, extraordinary resilience, Waterproof & Airtight, Corrosion & Chemical resistance.

EXTREME™ system panels are X-Ray transparent, optimized for safe & easy customs/Security inspections, (currently less than 3% of metal containers get inspected for drugs &contraband!!). The panels are also Electromagnetic-wave transparent, optimized for IoT / V2V / RFID / Telemetric and Logistics technologies.


EXTREME™ Precision Engineering & Innovational Fabrication is Mass-Customizable to Code / Regulation / Engineer’s requirements:


  • Computerized precision to highest quality, Fit & Finish needs

  • Ultra-Lightweight ♦High impact resistance ♦Sturdy & Durable

  • Waterproof & Watertight ♦Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

  • Super Tensile-strong ♦Versatile ♦Extended Lifespan

  • Customizable Visual Appearance (Contour ♦Texture ♦Colors)

  • Customizable ♦Size ♦Rigidity ♦Shapes ♦Surface ♦Inserts ♦More


  • Customizable Utility, Function & Performance to fit needs

  • Dimensionally Stable ♦Low Footprint ♦No Warp/Cracks

  • Enhanced and Updated Aesthetics, Safety & Security

  • Easy logistics, Cleaning & Storage ♦Non-Toxic ♦Eco-Friendly 

  • Sustainable ♦Reusable ♦100% Recyclable ♦Cost-Effective

  • Extended product life-span ♦Rapid Deployment

Eco-Friendly “Green” NEOEXTREME™ Panel

EXTREME™ composite (Sea/Land) Shipping Container panels, fusing the innovational EXTREME™ “skins” with our sophisticated cores (Honeycomb or PET insulation), are Ecologically-Sound, Non-Toxic, Cut Carbon-Footprint and Greenhouse Gases/VOC Emissions.


​The “Bundled-Technologies” smart panels are Sustainable,  Reusable, 100% Recyclable and Highly-efficient at cutting energy consumption & pollution during fabrication – as well as Cost-Efficient & Highly Economical for their Extended Lifespan.


EXTREME™  Panel Systems


EXTREME™ system panels are Ecologically-Sound, Cost-Efficient & Highly Economicalfor their Extended Lifespan. The versatile panels are Mass-customizable:

  • Color & Texture (Non-Slip/High-Grip Floor)

  • Function (Refrigeration, Food/Pharma)

  • Resilience (Tensile-strength, Stiffness)