Sustainable Commercial & Public Buildings

Affordable ♦ Eco-friendly ♦ Modular & Customizable



NEOPANEL Prefab smart building system is capable of Mass-Production rapid construction solutions, Saving Construction Time & Costs, utilizing Hybrid Glass-Fiber reinforced thermoplastic Composite panels and innovative technologies. 

Neo Composite customizable structures are engineered to provide Resilient, Durable & Healthy buildings, providing superb Comfort, Aesthetics & Security, and drastically cutting Energy & Maintenance Costs throughout the extended building’ life-span. 

This building system is optimized for community/urban-renewal solutions (Energy-efficient New Construction, Renovations & Retrofits) like Medical, Police &Education, Office &Commercial, Industrial &Retail, Emergency Deployment (Military, Natural Disasters) and more.

NEOPANEL™ System Advantages


  • Customizable Utility, Function &Appearance: fit Architect’ needs

  • Computerized Mass-production ♦Meet Regulatory requirements

  • Zone-specific Super-insulation Customizable to needs & rules

  • Computerized precision to highest code/engineer demands

  • Customizable ♦Size ♦Rigidity ♦Texture ♦Inserts ♦More

  • Resistant to ♦Bacteria ♦Mold/Mildew ♦Termite & Rodents

  • Impact-resistant ♦Durable ♦Versatile ♦Extended Lifespan

  • Ecologically-Sound ♦No GOG /VOC Emissions ♦Non-Toxic

  • Waterproof ♦Chemical Resistant ♦Corrosion Resistant

  • tra-Large ♦Super Tensile-strong ♦Ultra-Lightweight


  • Resolved Moisture &Air infiltration, Energy &Maintenance Costs

  • Dimensional-Stability: Low Thermal Expansion ♦No Warps/Cracks

  • Enhanced & Updated Home/Building’s Aesthetics and Security
    Provides superior Thermal resistance (R-value) performance

  • Ships flat: Expedites Logistics &Construction process

  • Drastically cuts carbon footprint ♦Sustainable ♦ 100% Recyclable

  • Affordable & Economical ♦Easy to clean ♦Low maintenance

  • Optimized Thermal &Acoustic Shielding (Costs &Comfort)

  • Drastically cuts Lifetime Energy & Maintenance Costs

  • Drastically cuts project time, labor & Logistical costs

ECO GREEN Building System

Neo Composite’s Multi-layered “Sandwich” Composite Fiber-Reinforced Panels are Extra-Large, form continuous, airtight & super-insulated building-envelopes, uniquely optimized for new construction or retrofitting (Cladding) of a full range of structures: Single home to multi-storied office and commercial buildings.

NEOPANEL™ Prefab building System is Ecologically-Sound, Engineered to withstand extreme weather, harsh environments (sea-side, pollution) & earthquake stresses.​

  • Sustainable ♦ Eco-Friendly ♦ 100% Recyclable

  • Drastically cuts greenhouse gas & carbon footprint

  • Mold/Mildew Resistant ♦ Chemical Resistant ♦ Non-Toxic

  • No Thermal-Breaks, drafts, leaks or energy loss

  • Customizable, Zone-specific Super-insulation

  • Drastically cuts lifetime energy consumption

Efficient Logistics & Construction-Site Assembly 

  • Ships flat: simplifies logistics & expedites construction

  • Resilient to stress and impact, Cracking or warping

  • Drastically cuts logistics costs and labor needs

 NEOPANEL™ Modular Building System


  • High production-precision Rapid high quality construction

  • Extra-Large, impact Resistant, Highly Durable Panels

  • Ultra-Lightweight & Tensile-Strong, Highly Resilient

  • Customizable insulation highly Energy-Efficient

  • Customizable Color & Texture, 98% UV Shield

  • Corrosion Resistant, Extended Lifespan


Computerized Prefab Production 

  • Factory production ensures the highest quality

  • Customizable to engineer/regulatory requirements

  • Customizable & Scalable to customer/architect’s requirements

  • Rapid turnaround time from order to fabrication

  • Dramatic savings in construction time & labor costs

  • Superior Energy Efficient system ♦Affordable & Economical


NEOPANEL™ - Composite Panel System 

  NEOPANEL - Composite sandwich panels synergistic bundled-technologies


composite  skins + UV protective film

PET -  Foam core
Polyethylene Terephthalate

Conduit -Ducts Array

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