Neo Composite Proprietary EXTREME™ PP Composite U.D. tape combines the supreme strength and durability of our       

multi-layered woven fibers together with our unique innovative production process to create tough, extremely resilient and affordable products.

Introducing ballistic grade and superior durability properties, enhancing other commercial components and materials, our PP Composite tape is the core material to the production of our multi-layered laminated composite panels, as well as amplifying the quality and properties of other products such as high pressure tanks, gas pipes and many additional industrial elements.

StopUV is our proprietary, Transparent (practically invisible!) 50 micron UV blocker film. It has been tested to repel 98% of UV Light/Electromagnetic radiation.

StopUV has superior scratch-resistant properties combined with excellent chemical-resistance, high strength and durability. These extraordinary properties place StopUV as the most advanced of its kind and best-designated to protect your products in severe weather and harsh climate conditions.

EXTREME™ UD (Uni Directional) tape offers superior properties and is utilized in (RTP) Reinforced Thermoplastic Silos, vessels and tanks, while reducing the quantities / volume of basic raw materials, substantially reducing production costs and weight. Suitable for high-pressure and heavy duty storage needs.

EXTREME™ UD (Uni-Directional) Tape offers Superior properties of Resilience, Tensile-Strength, Versatility and Durability. It is Low Maintenance, Highly Fatigue Corrosion and Chemical Resistant.

Utilized in winding (RTP) Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes and (GRP) Glass Fiber Reinforced plastics pipes, EXTREME™ allows for drastic reductions in the amounts of raw materials, substantially reducing production costs and weight, while drastically extending life-span – delivering High ROI and enhancing safety.

Suitable for use in high-pressure pipes for water, gas, oil, steam and other heavy duty needs.


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