Industrial Materials Market

Neo Composite Proprietary EXTREME™ PP Composite U.D. tape combines the supreme strength and durability of ourmulti-layered woven fibers together with our unique innovative production process to create tough, extremely resilient and affordable products.

Introducing ballistic grade and superior durability properties, enhancing other commercial components and materials, our PP Composite tape is the core material to the production of our multi-layered laminated composite panels, as well as amplifying the quality and properties of other products such as high pressure tanks, gas pipes and many additional industrial elements.

StopUV™  is Neo Composites’ Ultra-thin (50 micron), Superior UV blocking/protection film.

Products exposed to outdoor environments require extreme protection against the sun’s destructive UV light/radiation and corrosive environments (such as sea salt, pollution):

StopUV™ combines superior (98% Effective!) UV shield/blocker properties with extreme scratch-resistance and chemical resistance, high tensile-strength and durability to best protect your products.

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