Ultra-Lightweight ♦ Durable ♦ Customizable

Composite Freight-Box Kit computerized production enables the highly-efficient fabrication of high-quality, high-precision solutions for the “Next-Generation” of Truck-Boxes, Trailers and RVs: Curtailing carbon-footprint and pollution; Cutting fabrication time-waste, labor & materials costs; Delivering advanced engineered solutions for Cargo-Boxes.


NEOBOX™ innovational Kit, fusing multi-layered Ultra-lightweight NEOEXTREME™ Walls/Ceiling & Flooring Panels, delivers enhanced impact-resistance and tensile-strength ♦Durability and high Aesthetics ♦Customizable options (insulation, size, color, local codes/regulations) ♦Significantly increased product Lifespan and Economical time-in-service ♦Drastically Reduce fabrication & logistics/delivery time and costs.



  • Ultra-lightweight composite Cargo-Box panels

  • Water-proof,  Chemical & Corrosion resistant

  • Highly-Durable Resilient Impact-Resistant

  • Sustainable Eco-Friendly 100% Recyclable

  • X-RAY, Electromagnetic/Radio Transparent

  • Customizable Insulation Color Texture


  • Net Payload Capacity

  • Cuts Fuel/Battery/Energy Consumption

  • Customizable Utility, Function & Appearance

  • Extended-Lifespan Easy to cleanLow maintenance

  • Rapid & Safe CBS Customs/Security inspections

  • Optimized for IoT / Logistics / RFID Telemetry

Eco-Friendly “Green” 

NEOBOX™ Kit/System 

NEOBOXTM Composite Freight-Box Kit System, utilizing the innovational NEOEXTREME™ panels, is Ecologically-Sound, Non-Toxic, Sustainable and Highly-efficient at cutting energy consumption, emissions & pollution during fabrication – as well as throughout their Extended Lifespan.


  Panels for Dry-goods box

  • Ultra-Lightweight, Super-Strong, Durable, Resilient

  • Customizable to Client / Function Requirements

  • Customizable Color & Texture, Easy Fabrication

  • Waterproof, Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

  • Lowers GHG/VOCs Emissions, 100% Recyclable

  • Lower wear & tear on Engine & Chassis

  • Improves Efficiencies & R.F.I.D logistics

  • Reduce Fuel/Energy Consumption


Insulated Panels for Refrigeration

  • Ultra-Lightweight, Super-Durable, Impact-Resistant

  • Optimized -foam Core insulation technology

  • Customizable Color & Texture, Easy Fabrication

  • Waterproof, Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

  • Low maintenance, Easy clean/sanitize (HACCP)

  • Sustainable, Resilient, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic

  • Retains high thermal insulation properties

  • Extended Lifetime Fuel/Energy Savings

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