Neo-HDPE Anti Ballistic panel with high impact resistant strength

Weaving process black comingled fiberglassPP

NeoHDPE honeycomb strong Self reinforced fibers  

cImpregnated, moisture resistant paper honeycomb sandwich core

Sandwich boards from thermoplastic fiberglassPP composite

Twill 22 woven fiberglass tape; 760 grams m²

Honeycomb filled with foam combined in compression for best

strength, shear and insulation

Tank-winding with glass fiber-PP tapes for Fossil Airborne


NeoHDPE flat panels cut off  after Belt Press consolidation

NeoHDPE thermoforming processing

NeoThermal electrical  fabric for high temperature 150 mm wide

Co-mingled black glassfiber-PP tow-spools , ready for weaving

NeoHDPE Thermoformed Sel-Reinforced  

Continuous fiberglass in thermoplastic matrix

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