R&D Center 


Research & Development, Testing & Evaluation 

Neo Composite’s pioneering R&D Team brings together Expert Research & Development of Complex Composites Materials and Products, Cutting-Edge Technologies and the latest inspired engineering, to facilitate innovational engineered solutions and client-optimized products:


♦Rigorous Quality Testing & Assessments ♦Product Evolution ♦Collaborative improvements and Problem solving ♦Ensuring Superior Standards of Quality, Engineering & Production ♦Service & Customer Satisfaction Assurance.

From Innovation to Smart Production 

Neo Composite’s  leadership team has extensive knowledge of the global industry’s production techniques, markets, trends and demands, designing & building sophisticated manufacturing machines, breakthrough production systems & facilities.

  • Robust Development & Engineering of innovational Products, Engineered Systems and Solutions

  • RDT&E: Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation of breakthrough products and designs

  • Rigorous Quality Assessments, Evolution, Collaborative improvements and problem solving 

  • In-House Expert Research & Development of Complex Composites Materials and Products

  • Subject-Matter Experts incorporated for Customized Designs & Solutions Development

  • Project-Dedicated Teaming, Optimized Collaboration with global Academic Centers 

Creating Leading-Edge Composite Materials & Products

Optimizing Composite Materials, Products & Methodologies

Extensive Experience

Encompassing Diverse

Projects & Industries

Wide Spectrum from

Research to Innovations

& Smart Production







Expert Interdisciplinary Management

& Material-Scientists Team

Collaborative Research with

Industry & Academia Leaders


Composites Affordability Initiative


Ensure Superior Standards

of Engineering, Production & Service



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