Earth Shoring & Concrete Forming

Ultra-Lightweight ⬧ Durable & Resilient ⬧ Rapid-Deployment

Advanced Composite Applications​

Neo Composite Construction-support Applications Deliver advanced Engineered-Solutions for Concrete Forming, Earth-Shoring, and other Construction-Support Operations:


Highly Durable & Versatile, EXTREME™ Innovational Thermoplastic Composite systems are Cost-Effective &Optimizable to withstand the corrosive environments and radical working stresses of infrastructure & construction worksites.

Smart Operations & Support

EXTREME™ systems deliver comprehensive Custom-Engineered Solutions to complex engineering challenges, meet and exceed the demands of extreme Infrastructure Construction Operations & Support:

  • Enhanced Impact-Resistance ⬧ High Tensile-Strength

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧ Supreme Durability &Resilience

  • Ecologically-Sound ⬧ Corrosion &Chemical Resistant

  • Efficient logistics ⬧ Rapid Deployment ⬧ Economical

EXTREME™ Applications Advantages


  • Mass-Customizable to Code /Engineer’s requirements

  • High impact-resistance ⬧Sturdy &Durable ⬧Resilient

  • Quality &Precision ⬧Highest Fit &Finish Standards

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧Waterproof ⬧Low-expansion

  • Chemical &Corrosion Resistant ⬧Warp resistant 

  • Customizable ⬧Rigidity ⬧Surface ⬧Inserts ⬧Cores

  • Low Electric-Conductivity ⬧Dimensionally Stable

  • Precision Engineering & Innovational Fabrication

  • Super Tensile-strong ⬧Versatile ⬧Extended Lifespan

  • Customizable⬧Size⬧Shape⬧Contour⬧Texture ⬧Color


  • Customizable ⬧Utility ⬧Function ⬧Performance ⬧Look

  • High Precision, No-Stick Surfaces ⬧Enhanced Safety

  • Low Thermal Expansion ⬧No Warp, Cracks or Splits

  • Sustainable ⬧Eco-Friendly ⬧Reusable ⬧Recyclable


  • Extended Economic life ⬧Logistically-Efficient

  • Rapid Deployment ⬧Safe Handling & Assembly

  • Easy Cleaning, Storage &Repairs ⬧Cost-Effective

  • Eco-Friendly ⬧Curtails Pollution &GHG Emissions

  • Low Carbon-Footprint ⬧No VOC Emissions ⬧Non-Toxic

EXTREME™ Infrastructure  Applications

Creative Engineering


EXTREME™ Infrastructure Smart “Bundled-Technologies” Panels are Highly Versatile, Easy to Ship & Deploy, Clean & Maintain, Eco-Friendly “Green”, and can be optimized & utilized in a wide range of applications, providing cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions for extreme challenges of Infrastructure Construction Operations & Support.

 Safety First & Always​

  • Low-expansion (CTE) assures Shape &Form Retention

  • Ultra-Lightweight Boards, >50% less than plywood:

    • Cuts risk of fatigue &injury when handling

    • Safer to Move &Handle, Assemble &Remove

  • Chemical &Corrosion Resistant ⬧No splitting/Cracks

  • Waterproof: No Freeze hazards ⬧No Rust/Rot/Mold

  • Extreme warp resistance ⬧No-skid/High-grip surface 

  • Reduces Electric Shock ⬧Cut fall hazards &injuries

Eco-Friendly “Green” EXTREME™ Panel

Neo Composite “Bundled-Technologies” Infrastructure panels fuse the innovational EXTREME™ “skins” with our sophisticated cores, Creating a sustainable, ecologically-sound, Highly Energy and Logistically Efficient system

Neo composite Eco green
Neo Composite logo


Neo composite Eco green
  • Purpose-Engineered &Ecologically-Sound ⬧Non-Toxic

  • ​Impervious to ⬧Water ⬧Chemicals ⬧Corrosion ⬧Molds

  • Sustainable ⬧Reusable ⬧100% Recyclable ⬧Cuts Waste

  • Eco-Friendly ⬧Curtails Hazardous Pollution &Toxins

  • No Deterioration, Rust or Rot ⬧No Contaminants 

  • Low Carbon-Footprint ⬧No VOC /GHG Emissions

From innovation to smart production