UV Protection for your products 

98% Effective ♦ Durable ♦ Resilient

Products exposed to outdoor environments for long time-durations, require extreme protection against harsh weather, corrosive environments (such as sea salt, pollution) and the sun’s destructive UV Light/Electromagnetic radiation:


STOPUV™, Neo Composites’ superior UV shielding/blocker film, also provides high scratch-resistance, chemical resistance, tensile-strength & durability to better protect your products.

STOP UV™ Advantages


  • Ultra-thin (50 micron)

  • A white Opaque Polyester film

  • High surface smoothness and brilliance

  • Chemically primed for adhesion to surface

  • Superior dimensional stability

  • Chemical & Corrosion resistance

  • High Tensile-strength & Durability


  • Extremely effective (98%) UV radiation blocker

  • Resilient in extreme weather conditions

  • Protect surface from Yellowing & Brittle

  • Transparent (practically invisible)

  • Protection from environmental & weather impacts

  • Shields from wear & tear, mechanical damage

  • Extend product's life-time and value

Eco-Friendly “Green” NEOEXTREME™ Panel

StopUV™ Film is Ecologically-Sound, Environmentally-Friendly “Green”, combining superior (98% Effective!) UV shield/blocker properties with Extreme Scratch-Resistance, Superior Chemical & Corrosion Resistance, high tensile-strength and durability:


Resilient in extreme weather conditions and highly corrosive environments, StopUV™ is Sustainable and 100% Recyclable, Non-Toxic, Reducing Carbon-Footprint and Greenhouse Gases/VOC Emissions, Highly-efficient at blocking the sun’s destructive UV Light/Electromagnetic radiation – protecting and extending products’ lifespan in a wide range of applications.



 STOPUV Innovational production  

  • Extremely effective as a UV blocker, Protecting your products and projects

  • Highly stable bonding to polyethylene & Polypropylene-based polymers

  • Extending productive life-cycles, reducing wear and maintenance

  • No additional priming prior to bonding/lamination

  • Easy to process direct Thermal Lamination

  • No corona or atmospheric treatment

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