From innovation to smart production

About Neo Composite


Our team synergizes expert research & development with cutting-edge technologies & inspired engineering

We utilize Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Materials in designing custom-engineered solutions, producing innovational systems & evolutionary products, for multiple industries worldwide

Our Mission

Providing solutions for today’s challenges in diverse markets, from Transportation to Construction and Infrastructure, Neo Composite is committed to harnessing innovation to build a better tomorrow, support smart sustainable community-development and protect the Environment.

Creative Engineering

Neo Composite’ Solution-Approach to Design creates Custom-engineered Applications & improves Quality-of-Life: ⬧Energy & Logistically Efficient ⬧High Safety & Productivity ⬧Sustainable & Economical

  • Solutions to complex industry challenges

  • Innovational Materials, Products & Systems

  • Client-Optimized ⬧ Customizable ⬧ Modular

Markets & Industries



Smart Panels

Industrial Materials

Consumer Goods

Eco-friendly "Green"

Our composite materials & products, fusing the innovational EXTREME™ “skins” with our purpose-engineered cores, are Ecologically-Sound, Energy-Efficient, Non-Toxic, Versatile, Resilient & 100% Recyclable

​Neo Composite’ “Bundled-Technologies” Applications Cut Carbon-Footprint, Greenhouse Gases and VOC Emissions, throughout their Extended Lifespan

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