Innovative Composite Products and Solutions

About Neo Composite

Neo Composite designs and produces Composite products and creative solutions for smart sustainable industries and community development.


Our custom-engineered products, utilizing Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Materials, create innovational systems & evolutionary applications for multiple markets worldwide.


Our team synergizes expert research & development with cutting-edge technologies & inspired engineering.


Our Mission

Providing solutions for today’s challenges in diverse markets, from Transportation to Construction and Infrastructure, Neo Composite is committed to harnessing innovation to build a better tomorrow, support smart sustainable community-development and protect the Environment.

Creative Engineering

Neo Composite’ Solution-Approach to Design creates Custom-engineered Applications & improves Quality-of-Life: ⬧Logistically & Energy Efficient ⬧Highest Safety & Productivity ⬧Sustainable & Economical

  • Solutions to complex industry challenges

  • Innovational Materials, Products & Systems

  • Client-Optimized ⬧ Customizable ⬧ Modular


Markets & Industries

Eco-friendly "Green"

Our composite materials & products, fusing the innovational EXTREME™ “skins” with our purpose-engineered cores, are Ecologically-Sound, Energy-Efficient, Non-Toxic, Versatile, Resilient & 100% Recyclable

​Neo Composite’ “Bundled-Technologies” Applications Cut Carbon-Footprint, Greenhouse Gases and VOC Emissions, throughout their Extended Lifespan


From innovation to smart production