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About Us

Producing Innovative Fiber-Composite Materials & Products

Company Vision


Neo Composite is committed to improving the economic, social & daily well-being of people worldwide, providing solutions that support smart infrastructure development and protect the planet.

Company Background


Neo Composite utilizes Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Materials to design, develop & evolve Custom-Engineered Solutions, produce innovational products & smart applications for multiple industries.

We have extensive experience & know-how of the global industry’s production techniques, markets, trends and demands, sophisticated production systems & innovational facilities. 

Creative Engineering

Creative Engineering & Agile Applications


  • Optimizing Composite Materials & Methodologies

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions for Smart Development

  • Resolving complex engineering challenges

  • Rigorous Quality Assessments & Evolution

  • Custom-Engineered Designs & Solutions

  • Client-Centric innovational products

Neo composite team

Our Team  


Neo Composite’ Leadership Team encompasses experts in the Technological, R&D, Production-Systems, Logistics, Strategic Management, Global Sales & Marketing fields.

Neo Composite’s pioneering R&D team brings together expert research & development of Complex Composite  materials and products, cutting-edge technologies & the latest inspired collaborative-engineering, to facilitate innovational engineered solutions & client-optimized products.

Markets & Industries

Neo Composite Purpose-Designs & Creates innovational products and smart applications, utilizing Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Materials, synergizing creative engineering & sophisticated technologies, for multiple industries:  Infrastructure, Construction, Housing, Transportation, Shipping, Defense, Consumer Goods & More. 

From Innovation to Smart Production

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