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NEOEXTREME™ Hybrid Sandwich Panel System is the evolution of Ultra-lightweight, durable Truck-Boxes, Trailers and RVs. The innovative Panels dramatically Curtail fuel & battery consumption and engine/chassis wear & tear (compared to traditional materials) – increasing vehicle-range and net-payload capacity.  NEOEXTREME™ panels deliver enhanced impact-resistance and tensile-strength: Significantly increase product Lifespan and Economical time-in-service, reduce maintenance and repairs time and costs.

NEOEXTREME™ system panels are X-Ray and Electromagnetic- wave transparent, optimized for safe & easy Customs/Security inspections, as well as IoT / V2V / RFID / Telemetric and Logistics technologies.

EXTREME™ PANEL meets and exceeds the requirements of the harsh and extreme working stresses, environment and weather conditions of sailing the oceans, delivering the next-generation solution for walls/ceiling and flooring of sea shipping-containers. EXTREME™ Hybrid Innovative Glass-PP-Fiber Sandwich Panels manifest enhanced impact-resistance and high tensile-strength, extraordinary resilience, minimal warping & buckling. The panels are Water-proof, Corrosion & Chemical resistance.

EXTREME system panels are X-Ray transparent, optimized for safe & easy customs/Security inspections, (currently less than 3% of metal containers shipped to the USA get inspected for drugs  /contraband \ trafficking!!). The panels are also Electromagnetic-wave transparent, optimized for IoT / V2V / RFID / Telemetric and Logistics technologies.

HDPE impregnated fibers, produced via our proprietary process, are much stronger and lighter. Reduced weight helps reduce carbon footprint & CO2 emissions, save energy & gas, as well as reduce wear and tear on engine & chassis.

Extremely innovative ultra-lightweight panel-system for air-cargo containers: Fusing multi-layered woven glass-PP-Fibers, enabling drastic weight reduction (compared with traditional materials), increasing net-payload-capacity.

The Hybrid panels possess superior impact-resistance, tensile-strength and durability, significantly increased Economical Life-span, drastic reductions in fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance – All critical for the aviation industry.  

The panels are Electromagnetic-wave transparent for optimal IoT/RFID Telemetric and Logistics technologies, as well as X-Ray transparent for safe & easy security and customs contraband-inspections.


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