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NEOEXTREME™  innovational Composite Transportation Panel System is the next evolutionary step for Ultra-lightweight, Durable Truck-Boxes, Trailers and RVs. The Customizable Ultra-Lightweight multi-layered Panels dramatically cut fuel & battery consumption, and engine/chassis wear & tear – thus increasing Vehicle-Range and Net-Payload Capacity.

NEOEXTREME™ panels deliver enhanced impact-resistance and tensile-strength ♦Significantly increase product Lifespan and Economical time-in-service ♦Drastically reduce Pollution & Emissions ♦Cutting maintenance and repairs Time and Costs.



NEOBOX™ Composite Freight-Box-Kit computerized production enables the highly-efficient fabrication of high-quality, high-precision solutions for the “Next Generation” Truck-Boxes, Trailers and RVs: Curtailing carbon-footprint and pollution; Cutting fabrication time-waste, labor & materials costs.

NEOBOX™ innovational Kit, fusing multi-layered Ultra-lightweight NEOEXTREME™ Walls/Ceiling & Flooring Panels, delivers enhanced impact-resistance and tensile-strength ♦Durability and high Aesthetics ♦Customizable options (insulation, color, size, code/regulations) ♦Significantly increased product Lifespan ♦Drastically Reduce fabrication & logistics/delivery Time and Costs.

Modular Cargo-Box Kit

EXTREME™ panel system for aviation meets and exceeds the demands of extreme operations, withstanding the corrosive environment, extreme temperatures, and the radical working stresses of Air Freight-Hauling; Delivering advanced engineered solutions for Walls/Ceiling & Flooring Panels of the “Next-Generation” Air Freight/Shipping Containers.

The innovational Ultra-Lightweight Composite containers provide ♦Superior impact-resistance & Tensile-strength ♦Drastic reductions in Fuel Consumption, Emissions & Maintenance costs ♦98% UV protection ♦Highest durability & resilience ♦Significantly increased Economical Life-span & ROI.

EXTREME™  panel transportation system meets and exceeds the demands of extreme operations: Withstanding the corrosive environment & harsh weather/climatic conditions of sailing the oceans, and the radical working stresses of overland hauling; Delivering advanced engineered solutions for Walls/Ceiling & Flooring Panels of the “Next-Generation” Shipping-Containers.


EXTREME™ Hybrid Innovational Thermoplastic Glass-Fiber-Composite “Sandwich” Panels are Ultra-Lightweight ♦ Water-proof & Air-tight ♦ Corrosion & Chemical resistant ♦ Manifest enhanced Impact-Resistance & High Tensile-Strength ♦ Supreme Durability & Resilience.

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