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Neo Composite’ Custom-engineered solutions:​

⬧ Sea ⬧ Overland ⬧ Air Freight

  • Public-service ⬧ Special-industry ⬧ More

  • Customizable Modular Applications
     ⬧Trailers ⬧ Tankers & Barges
     ⬧  RVs ⬧ Refrigerated ⬧ Armor

Neo composite transportion

         Smart Composite Products

Neo Composite’ Solution-engineered products:

  • Optimized ⬧Functionality ⬧Regulatory/Code ⬧Need

  • Drastic Reduction: ⬧Weight ⬧Emissions ⬧Pollution

  • Increased: Range &Net-Payload-Capacity

  • Higher: Logistical &Energy Efficiencies

  • Increased: Durability &Resilience

  • Increased: Economical Lifespan

Innovational Agile Applications

EXTREME™ Mass-Customizable systems meet & exceed the increasing global Regulatory Burdens and Physical Requirements of Transport Operations: The radical working stresses of overland hauling, the corrosive environments, harsh weather/climatic conditions & extreme temperatures of diverse geographies, flying & sailing the oceans

Neo composite Trucks



Trailers & RVs

Modular kit for


Sea, Overland &

 Air Containers

 Modular Barges

From innovation to smart transportation

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