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Industrial Materials Market

Advanced Composite Tapes 

Neo Composite Proprietary EXTREME™ UD tapes, engineered to synergize the Supreme Tensile-Strength &Durability of our Reinforced Composite thermoplastic woven fibers with our innovational production process, support the creation & optimization of advanced solutions and products

  • Extremely Resilient, Versatile &Efficient

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧ Tough &Impact Resistant

  • Ecologically-Sound ⬧ Cut Pollution &Emissions

Smart Industrial Applications


Fusing or Winding EXTREME™ Tapes and STOPUV™ Shield Film provides optimized solutions to complex engineering problems, Enables &Synergizes:

  • Economic-Lifespan

  • Operational-Efficiency

  • Strength, Resilience &Durability


Innovational Commercial &Industrial Systems:

  • Liquids, Gas & Slurry Pipelines

  • High Pressure Storage Tanks &Silos

  • Other Industrial &Infrastructure Applications

Products & Semi-finished Goods

Product Components

Raw & Support Materials

 From innovation to smart materials

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