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Infrastructure Market

 Infrastructure Applications


Neo Composite’ Infrastructure Series deliver advanced engineered Composite solutions for Concrete Forming, Earth-Shoring, and other construction-support applications:

  • Pipelines & Utility-Poles

  • Storage Tanks, Silos & Hoppers

  • Road-Plates & Worksite Pavers

  • Sewer & Ditch Covers ⬧ &More

Neo composite team

Custom-Engineered Solutions

EXTREME™ Tape Applications & Panel Systems are Custom Engineered to withstand the corrosive environments & harsh working conditions, as well as the radical stresses, of Infrastructure Operations & Construction Worksites

  • Purpose-Engineered &Mass-Customizable

  • Cost-Effective, Increased economic life

  • Highly Logistical and Energy Efficient

  • Ultra-Lightweight & Tensile-Strong

  • Impregnable to Water & Corrosion

  • Highly Durable, Resilient &Versatile

Markets & Applications

EXTREME™ UD Tape for Infrastructure Applications

 From innovation to smart infrastructure  

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