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Trucking Cargo-Box Panels



The Future of Transportation

EXTREME™ innovational Multi-Layered Thermoplastic Glass-Reinforced Composite Panels for Transportation are the next evolutionary step for Sustainable, Super Energy-efficient and Durable Truck-Boxes, Trailers & RVs, meeting and exceeding the increasing global regulations & Transport industry’s requirements for the modern Freight-hauling marketplace.

Advanced Transport Applications  

Neo Composite’ multi-layered Composite Panels for Truck-Boxes, Trailers & RVs, Fusing EXTREME UD “Skins” with highly sophisticated cores, are Customizable &Ultra-lightweight:

  • Dramatically reduce Fuel &Battery consumption

  • Increase Vehicle-range &Net-payload capacity

  • Cut Maintenance, engine/chassis Wear &Tear

Smart Transport Solutions


  • Significantly increase product Economic Lifespan

  • Enhanced Impact-resistance &Tensile-strength

  • Reduce Lifetime maintenance time & costs

  • X-Ray transparent for Safe Customs inspections

  • Electromagnetic/Radio/Microwave transparent

  • Optimized for IoT/V2V/RFID/ Logistics

EXTREME™ Panels Advantages


  • Ultra-Lightweight Composite Cargo-Box panels

  • Customizable: ⬧Utility ⬧Function ⬧Code/Needs

  • Mass-Customizable computerized production

  • Waterproof ⬧Chemical &Corrosion Resistant

  • Highly-Durable ⬧Resilient ⬧Impact-Resistant


  • Optimizable ⬧Insulation ⬧Stiffness ⬧Texture

  • X-Ray /Electromagnetic /Radio Transparent

  • Sustainable ⬧Non-Toxic ⬧100% Recyclable

  • Customizable ⬧Shapes ⬧Color ⬧Texture


  • Exceed Government & Industry Regulations

  • Safe & Rapid Customs/Security inspections

  • High Quality Fitting, Fit &Finish Precision

  • Reduce fabrication time & Labor costs

  • Cuts Fuel/Battery/Energy Consumption

  • Customizable: ⬧Utility ⬧Function ⬧Appearance

  • Cost-Effective ⬧Extended Economical-Lifespan

  • Sustainable ⬧Easy to clean ⬧Low maintenance

  • Cuts Pollution, Greenhouse gases &Emissions

  • Optimized for IoT /Logistics /RFID Telemetry

Innovational Panel-Systems 

Innovational Panel-Systems


EXTREME™ panel systems for truck-box meet and exceed the increasing global regulations, and Modern Commercial Freight-Transport industry’s increasing requirements, for reduced fuel/energy consumption & reduced GHG emissions.

Extremely Durable, Ultra-Lightweight, Resilience & Ecologically-sound, they help the vehicles owners:

  • Save Fuel/Energy Costs ♦Deliver high Profitability/ROI

  • Increase Logistical-Efficiencies and Security

  • Extend vehicles’ Economical-lifespan

  • Reduce Waste, Emissions &Pollution

EXTREME™ Trucking Panels Series

EXTREME™ Panels for Dry-Van & General Freight

  • Ultra-Lightweight, Super-Strong, Durable, Resilient

  • Customizable to Client / Function Requirements

  • Customizable Color & Texture, Easy Fabrication

  • Waterproof, Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

  • Lowers GHG/VOCs Emissions, 100% Recyclable

  • Lower wear & tear on Engine & Chassis

  • Improves Efficiencies & R.F.I.D logistics

  • Reduce Fuel/Energy Consumption

EXTREME™ PET-Insulated Panels

“Reefer” for Refrigerated Freight

  • Ultra-Lightweight, Super-Durable, Impact-Resistant

  • Optimized PET-foam Core insulation technology

  • Customizable Color & Texture, Easy Fabrication

  • Waterproof, Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

  • Low maintenance, Easy clean/sanitize (HACCP)

  • Sustainable, Resilient, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic

  • Retains high thermal insulation properties

  • Extended Lifetime Fuel/Energy Savings

Eco-Friendly “Green” Panels

EXTREME™ composite Transportation panels, fusing the innovational EXTREME™ “skins” with our sophisticated cores (Honeycomb or PET insulation), are Ecologically-Sound, Non-Toxic, Cut Carbon-Footprint and Greenhouse Gases/VOC Emissions.

Neo Composite’ ​ “Bundled-Technologies” smart panels are Sustainable, Reusable, 100% Recyclable & Ultra-Lightweight: Highly-efficient at Cutting Fuel/Energy Consumption, Waste & Pollution – as well as Logistically-Efficient & Highly Economical for their Extended Lifespan.

From innovation to smart production

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