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Strongest in the World! 

Super-Strong ⬧ Highly-Durable ⬧ Ultra-Lightweight

Smart Engineered-Solutions

Neo Composite’ Smart “Bundled-Technologies” EXTREME UD Composite Tape is Highly Versatile & Resilient, and can be utilized in a wide range of applications in multiple industries, providing cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions for complex engineering challenges for:

Multiple Markets

Transportation⬧Construction⬧Infrastructure⬧ More

Sample Applications:


Neo composite team

Advanced Composite Tapes


EXTREME UD innovational Tape, Strongest in the world & Ultra-Lightweight, Synergizes the extreme Tensile-strength and Durability of our highest-quality advanced Thermoplastic Fiber-Reinforced Composite through our proprietary production process:


  • Press-Fused into Multilayered “Skins”

  • Customizable/Optimizable “Winding”

EXTREME™ UD Tape Advantages


  • Waterproof ⬧Chemical &Corrosion Resistant ⬧Durable

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧High Impact-Resistance ⬧Sturdy

  • Super Tensile-strong ⬧Extreme Tear-Resistance

  • Customizable ⬧Stiffness ⬧Texture ⬧Thickness

  • Customizable Rigidity ⬧Deterioration Resistant

  • Ecologically-Sound ⬧Extended product life-span

  • Superior dimensional stability ⬧Resilient ⬧Versatile


  • Dimensionally Stable ⬧Low Thermal Expansion

  • Sustainable ⬧Durable ⬧High Logistical-Efficiency

  • Low Carbon-Footprint ⬧No GHG/VOC Emissions

  • Cuts Pollution &Waste ⬧Non-Toxic ⬧100% Recyclable

  • Enhances and Updates Aesthetics, Safety &Security

  • Reusable ⬧Strong Return on Investment (High ROI)

  • Easily utilized in a wide range of applications

Eco-Friendly “Green” EXTREME UD tape

EXTREME™ UD Tape is Ecologically-Sound:

  • Custom-Engineered to be Environmentally-Friendly

  • Cuts Waste ⬧highly Versatile ⬧Extended Lifespan

  • Cuts Energy Consumption, Emissions &Pollution

  • Highly Resistant to Chemicals, Bacteria &Molds 

  • Waterproof  ⬧Wear, Rot & Corrosion Resistant

  • Sustainable ⬧100% Recyclable ⬧Non-Toxic

Neo composite Eco green
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EXTREME™ UD Tape Applications

Examples of innovational solutions and applications

NEOBORD™ Composite Scaffold Boards

Scaffold Boards

42073855_xl 5.jpg

Shipping Containers

Neo composite Pipes

Infrastructure Solutions

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