NeoBord™ Hybrid Multi-Layered Glass-Fiber Composite Boards for Scaffolding are Safer for your workforce, Ultra Lightweight (yet meets the requirements for Heavy Duty load-capacity). Customizable to fit all global standard systems. VERY EASY CLEANING & Storage, Durable, High Tensile-Strength, Chemical & Impact-Resistance, Drastically reduced Labor and Maintenance Costs, High Dimensional (Shape, Sizes) & Properties Retention, and Extended profitable product Lifespan (High ROI).



NeoPanel fuses the construction panel, cores and cladding materials, producing an innovative, purpose-engineered Multi-Layered sandwich-panel. The system simplifies and expedites the construction process, increases energy-efficiency and reduces emissions, carbon footprint and waste. NeoPanel System is durable and highly aesthetic, customizable (climate or local codes/regulations). NeoPanel rapidly assembles as a modular building system, saving time and reducing construction and maintenance costs.


NEOPANEL™ system is an all-in-one smart production solution, providing sustainable affordable housing solutions through cutting edge products and innovative technology. Factory produced to high quality standards, modified size / utility function / look to fit clients’ needs, ships flat to site for fast & easy assembly (single container can include 2-3 homes). Highly Energy-Efficient homes, Eco-Friendly, Durable and Resilient, can withstand extreme weather, earthquakes and harsh environments (sea-side, pollution, heat/cold-extremes).



NEOPANEL sandwich panels designed for super-strong, Lightweight, Durable, Resilient, Low Thermal-conductivity panels. Optional: Integrated colors and prints, Surfaces texture, UV block, Fire-resistance and more are available in order to create the desired appearance and performance. Low maintenance (and varied thermal insulation with up to 10 cm thickness).


EXTREME™ UD (Uni-Directional) Tape offers Superior properties of Resilience, Tensile-Strength, Versatility and Durability. It is Low Maintenance, Highly Fatigue Corrosion and Chemical Resistant.

Utilized in winding (RTP) Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes and (GRP) Glass Fiber Reinforced plastics pipes, EXTREME™ allows for drastic reductions in the amounts of raw materials, substantially reducing production costs and weight, while drastically extending life-span – delivering High ROI and enhancing safety.

Suitable for use in high-pressure pipes for water, gas, oil, steam and other heavy duty needs.



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