Construction Market

Smart Construction Systems

Neo Composite Proprietary NEOPANEL™ Modular Construction systems can provide Custom-Engineered solutions to complex Engineering Challenges & Architectural Problems, utilizing Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Materials and synergistic bundled-technologies:


Advanced Modular Applications

NEOPANEL™ Modular System fuses the traditional elements of construction materials (interior, core & cladding), producing sophisticated Synergized Composite Building Applications and Construction-Support Solutions:

  • Mass-Customizable Modular Building

  • Durable⬧Energy-Efficient & Eco-Friendly

  • Simplify Logistics ⬧ Save Time & Cut Costs

  • Highly Aesthetic  ⬧ Simple To Design & Assemble 

Markets & Applications

Sustainable Public Buildings



Scaffold Boards

From innovation to smart construction