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Consumer Goods Markets

Composite Consumer Goods 

Neo Composite Systems for the Consumer Goods Markets utilize Advanced Thermoplastic Composites Materials in Designing & Developing Custom-Engineered, Client-Optimized Solutions, Producing innovational applications for diverse customers in multiple industries and geographies

Client-Optimized Products

Neo Composite combines expert research & inspired engineering to custom-design and manufacture complex composites materials & Client-Optimized Products:

  • Kayaks ⬧Ski & Surf Boards

  • Suitcases & Equipment Boxes

  • Body Protection ⬧Armor-Plates

  • Storage ⬧Furniture ⬧Custom Solutions

Consumer Goods Applications

Neo Composie Suitcases

Suitcases & Tool Boxes


Armor-Plates & Body-Armor

Neo Composite Equipment cases

Equipment Cases

 From innovation to smart Consumer Goods

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