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Modular Barge Systems

Neo composire Barge 2

Ultra-Lightweight ⬧Shallow-Draft ⬧Tough & Durable

Barge Applications & Logistics

Freight Transport of goods & passengers over shallow rivers and lakes, coastal waters & lagoons, constantly poses a Logistics & Capacity challenge for the traditional shipping & Barge industries - particularly in remote rural regions around the world. 


Neo Composite’ groundbreaking Composite Barges bring custom-engineered solutions to these complex engineering & logistics problems.

Smart Composite Barges


Neo Composite’ Innovational Composite Barges

  • Shallow-Draft Optimized: More net cargo capacity

  • Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite

  • Ultra-Lightweight: >80% Lighter than traditional

  • Size & Multi-Purpose Adaptable ⬧Modular

  • Safer for Crew &Environment ⬧Ecologically-Sound

  • Customizable to needs: ⬧Utility ⬧Climate ⬧Codes

  • Impact-Resistant ⬧Very Tough & Highly-Durable

  • Extended Profitable Life ⬧Affordable ⬧High ROI

Neo Composite Barge Advantages


Customizable Cargo: 
                    ⬧Passengers ⬧Tanker ⬧Dry Bulk

  • Modular & Customizable: ⬧Design ⬧Length ⬧Utility

  • Super Tensile-Strong ⬧Impact-Resistant ⬧Durable

  • Custom-Optimized ⬧Insulation ⬧Armor ⬧Texture

  • Optimized for Shallow-Waterway Navigation

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧Chemical &Corrosion Resistant

  • Multi-Layered Custom-Engineered Panels &Cores

  • Independently sealed mid-section tanker units

  • Alternative designs for the mid-section units

Neo composire Barge


  • Optimizable to ⬧Climate ⬧Code ⬧Clients' Needs

  • Customizable &Adaptable to Challenging Cargo

  • Ecologically-Friendly ⬧Non-Toxic ⬧Recyclable

  • Wear & Tear Resistant ⬧Versatile ⬧Resilient

  • Easy Cleaning &Repairs ⬧Low Maintenance

  • Option varied cargo in separate mid-section units

  • Extended Range & Access to remote regions

  • Significantly higher Net-Payload-Capacity

  • Extended Economic-Lifespan ⬧Highest ROI

Eco-Friendly “Green” Modular Barge

Fusing our proprietary multi-layered EXTREME™, worlds’ strongest UD Composite Tape, with our sophisticated super-insulation foam cores, Neo Composite Multi-Purpose Hybrid Barge is Resilient & Highly Energy-efficient

The innovational Barge is

  • Highly resistant to Corrosion & Chemicals

  • Sustainable ⬧Ecologically-Sound ⬧Insulated

  • Cuts Energy-consumption ⬧Logistically-Efficient

  • Cuts Pollution ⬧Green-house gasses & Emissions

  • Non-Toxic ⬧100% Recyclable ⬧No Rust, Rot, Mold

Neo composite Eco green
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