Energy-Efficient ♦ Ultra-Lightweight

NEOPANEL™ Energy-Efficient Cladding system is customizable and purpose-engineered: our Proprietary multi-layered “skins” Panels utilize the highest quality Glass-Fiber reinforced Thermoplastic Composite UD tape (Strongest in the world & Ultra-lightweight).


The “skins” are Press-Fused with our sophisticated insulation cores (Honeycomb or PET foams): the resulting panels are highly Durable & Energy-efficient, customizable to local climate-zones & regional code-requirements.


NEOPANEL™ unique bundled-technologies production process combines multiple features, delivering enhanced customizable benefits, creating the optimized performance & look: Integrated Colors ♦ Surface textures ♦ UV-Shield ♦ Fire-resistance & more

NEOPANEL  Cladding system Advantages


  • Customizable Zone-specific Super-insulation Multi-layered panels

  • Waterproof & Airtight resolving infiltration & Thermal issues

  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistant ♦ Durable ♦ Versatile

  • Ultra-Lightweight ♦ Super-tough ♦ Impact-resistant

  • Low Thermal Expansion ♦ No Warping/Cracks

  • Customizable ♦ Color ♦ Texture ♦Size ♦Shape


  • Drastically cuts carbon footprint & lifetime energy consumption

  • Enhanced and Updated Building’s Aesthetics and Security

  • Sustainable ♦ Resilient ♦ Eco-Friendly ♦100% Recyclable

  • Drastic savings in Lifetime Energy & Maintenance Costs

  • Extended-Lifespan ♦ Easy to clean ♦ Low maintenance

  • Increasing efficiencies and profitability– High ROI


Building System

Neo Composite’s Multi-layered “Sandwich” Composite Cladding Panels are Extra-Large, form continuous, airtight & super-insulated building-envelopes, uniquely optimized for new construction or retrofitting /Cladding of a full range of structures: Single home to multi-storied office, commercial & industrial buildings.

NEOPANEL™ Prefab Cladding System is Ecologically-Sound, Engineered to withstand extreme weather, harsh environments (sea-side, pollution) & earthquake stresses.

  • Sustainable ♦ Eco-Friendly ♦ 100% Recyclable

  • Drastically cuts greenhouse gas & carbon footprint

  • Mold/Mildew Resistant ♦ Chemical Resistant ♦ Non-Toxic

  • No Thermal-Breaks, drafts, leaks or energy loss

  • Customizable, Zone-specific Super-insulation

  • Drastically cuts lifetime energy consumption


Smart Cladding Panels

  • Computerized Mass-Production ♦ High logistical-efficiency

  • Customizable to fit zoning/architect’s requirements

  • Mass-customizable ♦ High-precision

  • Automated cutouts: windows, doors & infrastructure

  • Customizable insulation, design, sizes & layouts

  • Bundled-technologies production process


NEOPANEL - Panel Systems 

  NEOPANEL - Composite sandwich panels synergistic bundled-technologies


composite  skins + UV protective film

PET -  Foam core
Polyethylene Terephthalate

Conduit -Ducts Array

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