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Consumer Goods  Applications

From innovation to advanced consumer goods

Advanced Composite Systems

Neo Composite synergizes advanced thermoplastic composites materials, expert research & inspired engineering, to Custom-design, Evolve & Manufacture complex innovational solutions and client-optimized Consumer Goods Applications in multiple industries

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Composite Suitcases:

Neo Composite’ innovational Suitcases &Tool Boxes are Custom-Engineered and Enhanced with our EXTREME™ UD Tape, capable of withstanding the extreme rigors of Travel

  • Customizable Stiffness ⬧Texture

  • Customizable ⬧Look ⬧Color ⬧Shape

  • Ultra-Lightweight &Highly Durable

  • Resilient in Extreme temperatures

  • Resistant to ⬧Impact ⬧Wear &Tear


Neo Composite innovational Ballistic-Shields & Armor-Plates provide exceptional personal protection with Superior Ease & Comfort: Advanced Proprietary Technology, utilizing multi-layered Composite UHMWPE, delivers Ultra-Lightweight, Extremely-Tough Armor-Plates that are rated at 3A hand gun & rifle protection level

Equipment &Tool Boxes:

Neo Composite’ Cases &Boxes

  • Resilient ⬧Strong & Tough

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧Durable

  • Extended Economic lifespan

  • Impact, Wear &Tear Resistant

  • Chemical &Water Impregnable

  • Versatile And Customizable:

             ⬧Utility ⬧Insulation ⬧Look

Kayaks & Boards

Formal Kayaks Adviser to the Olympic Games, with Decades of expertise and production experience,  We can produce Optimizable Composite Kayaks, Canoes, Surfboards and other water-crafts & Paddles that are Highly Durable, Resilient and uniquely suitable to the challenges of extreme water-sports

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