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UD Tape Infrastructure Applications

Advanced Composite Applications


Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite EXTREME™ UD Tape, Ultra-Lightweight Yet Strongest in the World, either Press-Fused into multi-layered “skins” in our “Smart Bundled-Technologies” systems, or utilized as reinforcement Winding other products, is the fulcrum of Neo Composite’ innovational Engineered-Solutions for a wide range of Infrastructure Industry’ Operations & Support Applications.


Smart Operations & Support

  • Creative Solutions to Complex Engineering Problems

  • Efficient logistics ⬧Rapid Deployment ⬧Economical

  • Provides Cutting-edge, Cost-effective products

  • Supreme ⬧Resilience ⬧Durability ⬧Versatility

  • Enhances Efficiencies ⬧Cutting Waste &Costs

  • Extends Productive & Economic-Lifespans

Storage Tanks & Silos

Composite Tanks & Silos


Winding Reinforced Composite (RTP) EXTREME™ UD Woven Tape onto Storage Tanks, heavy-duty Silos, Hoppers & Pressure Vessels, provides Extreme Durability, Tensile-Strength, Tear-Resistance, Water & Chemicals Impregnability, and Design-Versatility. The customizable winding delivers superior strength and impact-resistance, high resilience to Corrosive Environments & Work/Load Stresses.


Smart Storage Applications


Optimized for high-pressure and heavy duty storage needs, EXTREME™ UD Tape (Uni-Directional or its’ derivatives in Cross-Ply, 4-Ply, or other custom-engineered solutions) substantially reduces the quantities of production raw materials, cutting Weight, Waste & Costs, providing lifetime savings in Cleaning & Maintenance Costs – While increasing the product Economic Life-Span.

EXTREME™ Composite Pipelines

Advanced Composite Solutions

Winding Glass-Fiber Reinforced (GRP) Thermoplastic Composite EXTREME™ UD Tape allows for :​

  • Reducing Production & Logistics Time &Costs

  • Extending the products’ Economic-lifespans

  • Delivering High ROI and Enhancing safety

  • Increase ⬧Strength ⬧Stiffness ⬧Durability

  • Reductions of ⬧Raw materials ⬧Weight


Composite Pipelines

Neo Composite’ EXTREME™ UD (Uni-Directional) Tape, Used in winding (GRP) Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic pipes & (RTP) Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes, creates Customizable Applications Suitable for use in high-pressure pipes for liquids, gas, oil, steam, slurries and other heavy duty needs.


The Reinforced Pipes & Poles provide

  • Superior Resilience ⬧Tensile-Strength ⬧Durability

  • Versatility & Durability ⬧High Impact-Resistant

  • Material-Fatigue &Corrosion Resistance

Composite Light & Utility Poles

Winding Neo Composite’ EXTREME™ UD Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Tape, creates custom-engineered solutions for advanced Poles, Columns or Posts: Electricity, Light, Traffic, Equipment & Other Heavy Duty Utilities.


Advanced Composite Poles Systems are:

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧ Waterproof

  • Super Strong Impact Resistant

  • Efficient &Affordable ⬧ High ROI

  • Tensile-Strong ⬧ Stiff & Resilient

  • Corrosion and Chemicals Resistant

  • Tough &Durable ⬧ Long Economic-Life 


From innovation to smart Applications

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