Composite Scaffold Boards NEOBORD™



Ultra-Lightweight Tough & Durable Sustainable

Composite Scaffold Boards

NEOBORD™ innovational Multi-Layered Glass-Fiber Reinforced Composite “Sandwich” Scaffold Boards, fusing the innovational EXTREME™ “skins” with our sophisticated cores (Honeycomb or PET insulation) are ⬧ Safer for your workforce ⬧ Ultra Lightweight & Super Strong (meets all Heavy Duty load-capacity requirements) ⬧ Customizable to fit all global standard systems. 

Smart Logistics & Economy

NEOBORD™ Smart Boards ⬧Low expansion CTE /Superior Shape &Form Retention ⬧ Very easy to Clean & Store ⬧ Durable, Chemical & Impact-Resistant ⬧ Drastically reduce Labor, Materials, Logistics & Maintenance Costs ⬧ Increase worksite efficiencies and  ⬧ Extends economical product Lifespan (High ROI).

NEOBORD™ Advantages

 NEOBORD™ Features

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧Resilient ⬧Impact-Resistant

  • High surface Tensile-strength &Tear-resistance

  • Waterproof ⬧Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

  • Splitting, Bend, Warp &Cracking Resistant

  • Extended Economic Lifespan ⬧Super-Durable

  • Customizable ⬧Size ⬧Inserts ⬧Color ⬧Shape

  • Customizable Surface-texture ⬧ Stiffness

  • Customizable to fit the Global Systems


​NEOBORD™ Benefits

  • Reduced Repairs &Replacements cut Project-Costs

  • Increased safety reduces insurance risk & costs

  • Long Life-Cycle  cuts Materials & Labor costs

  • Saves Time, Logistics & Maintenance costs

  • No Freezing, Warping, Shrinking or Cracking

  • Easy to Clean ⬧Low & Easy Maintenance

  • Increased worksite-efficiency ⬧High ROI

  • Non-Toxic ⬧Reusable ⬧100% Recyclable

“Safety First & Always”

  • Non-skid/High-grip surface Cuts slip hazards

  • Ultra-Lightweight Boards:

⬧ >50% Less weight than plywood

⬧ Curtail lifting & carrying injuries risk

⬧ Safer handling, assembly & removal  

⬧ Cuts Lift & Carry strain, fatigue &injuries


  • Corrosion Resistance: No splitting, cracks

  • Non-skid/High-grip surface Cuts slip hazards

  • Low electric conductivity Cuts shock injuries

  • xtreme warp resistance Cuts trip/fall injuries

  • Waterproof: No Freeze hazards ⬧No mold or rot 

NEOBORD™ Customizable Scaffold Boards 

 Can fit any Board Size & Load-Class Requested

Aluminum U-Frame insert

Aluminum L-Frame insert

Fits most global Scaffold systems 


Quick Stage

Ring Lock

Speed Ring

Quick Lock

RISE "Sweden's research institute"

The Scaffold boards tested and  approved  by the RISE "Sweden's research institute" For Heavy-Duty Loads "Class 4"  

Eco-Friendly  NEOBORD Scaffold Boards 

Neo composite Eco green
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NEOBORD™  Composite “Sandwich” Scaffold Boards are Ecologically-Sound, Non-Toxic, Cut Carbon-Footprint and Greenhouse Gases/VOC Emissions.


The smart green panels are Sustainable, Reusable, 100% Recyclable, and Highly-efficient at cutting energy consumption, waste & pollution throughout the products’ Extended Lifespan.