NEOBORD™ -Composite Scaffold Boards 

NEOBORD™ Composite Scaffold Boards



Ultra-Lightweight Tough & Durable Sustainable

Composite Scaffold Boards

NEOBORD™ innovational Multi-Layered Glass-Fiber Reinforced Composite “Sandwich” Scaffold Boards, fusing the innovational EXTREME™ “skins” with our sophisticated cores (Honeycomb or PET insulation) are ⬧ Safer for your workforce ⬧ Ultra Lightweight & Super Strong (meets all Heavy Duty load-capacity requirements) ⬧ Customizable to fit all global standard systems. 

NEOBORD™ Scaffold Boards system
NEOBORD™ Composite Scaffold Boards in  Aluminum U-Frame insert

Smart Logistics & Economy

NEOBORD™ Smart Boards ⬧Low expansion CTE /Superior Shape &Form Retention ⬧ Very easy to Clean & Store ⬧ Durable, Chemical & Impact-Resistant ⬧ Drastically reduce Labor, Materials, Logistics & Maintenance Costs ⬧ Increase worksite efficiencies and  ⬧ Extends economical product Lifespan (High ROI).

NEOBORD™ Advantages

 NEOBORD™ Features

  • Ultra-Lightweight ⬧Resilient ⬧Impact-Resistant

  • High surface Tensile-strength &Tear-resistance

  • Waterproof ⬧Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

  • Splitting, Bend, Warp &Cracking Resistant

  • Extended Economic Lifespan ⬧Super-Durable

  • Customizable ⬧Size ⬧Inserts ⬧Color ⬧Shape

  • Customizable Surface-texture ⬧ Stiffness

  • Customizable to fit the Global Systems

NEOBORD™ Composite Scaffold Boards projects
NEOBORD™ Composite Scaffold Boards projects

​NEOBORD™ Benefits

  • Reduced Repairs &Replacements cut Project-Costs

  • Increased safety reduces insurance risk & costs

  • Long Life-Cycle  cuts Materials & Labor costs

  • Saves Time, Logistics & Maintenance costs

  • No Freezing, Warping, Shrinking or Cracking

  • Easy to Clean ⬧Low & Easy Maintenance

  • Increased worksite-efficiency ⬧High ROI

  • Non-Toxic ⬧Reusable ⬧100% Recyclable

“Safety First & Always”

  • Non-skid/High-grip surface Cuts slip hazards

  • Ultra-Lightweight Boards:

⬧ >50% Less weight than plywood

⬧ Curtail lifting & carrying injuries risk

⬧ Safer handling, assembly & removal  

⬧ Cuts Lift & Carry strain, fatigue &injuries


  • Corrosion Resistance: No splitting, cracks

  • Non-skid/High-grip surface Cuts slip hazards

  • Low electric conductivity Cuts shock injuries

  • xtreme warp resistance Cuts trip/fall injuries

  • Waterproof: No Freeze hazards ⬧No mold or rot 

“Safety First & Always” icon

NEOBORD™ Customizable Scaffold Boards 

 Can fit any Board Size & Load-Class Requested

Aluminum U-Frame insert

Aluminum L-Frame insert

Fits most global Scaffold systems 


Quick Stage

Ring Lock

Speed Ring

Quick Lock

The Scaffold boards tested and  approved  by the RISE "Sweden's research institute" For Heavy-Duty Loads "Class 4"  

NEOBORD™ Composite Scaffold Boards Projects

Eco-Friendly  NEOBORD Scaffold Boards 

Neo composite Eco green
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NEOBORD™  Composite “Sandwich” Scaffold Boards are Ecologically-Sound, Non-Toxic, Cut Carbon-Footprint and Greenhouse Gases/VOC Emissions.


The smart green panels are Sustainable, Reusable, 100% Recyclable, and Highly-efficient at cutting energy consumption, waste & pollution throughout the products’ Extended Lifespan.

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