Nanodiamond (ND) Applications


Enhancing multifunctional applications

Adding just tiny quantities of our advanced nanodiamond additives to traditional materials can drastically enhance manufacturability, processability, performance, functionality, productivity, durability and lifespan, enabling the creation of novel materials, advanced composites, and multifunctional applications in a wide range of industries. Some examples include:

AM (Additive Manufacturing)

ND reduce friction, enhance viscosity & mechanical hardness Amplify wear & corrosion resistance

3D Printing

ND enhance polymerization, viscosity, consistency, accuracy, tensile strength, flexibility & efficiency

Electronic & Electrical devices (PCB, AMES, MEMS, GSM)

ND amplify dielectric insulation, conductivity & durability Enables miniaturization & costs reduction

Lubricants & Coatings

ND “Nano-bearings” decrease friction, energy & fuel consumption, noise Increase wear resistance

Polymers & Resins

ND improve thermostability & polymerization, viscosity, consistency, mechanical hardness & lifespan

Medical, Biotechnology, R&D

ND enhance drugs & contrast agents delivery efficiency Enables tissue engineering & gene R&D

Clean / Renewable Green energy

ND enhances production efficiency & lifespan Diffusion coating cuts emissions & friction waste

Energy storage

ND nanoporous electrodes amplify storage capacity Superior dielectric & magnetic properties

Paints & Inks

ND increase brightness, bonding, stability, consistency, durability, corrosion & UV resistance

Space & Aviation

ND enhance corrosion & radiation resistance Intensify optical, magnetic & dielectric properties

Insulation & Radiation shield

ND amplify electrical insulation & heat transfer Provides enhanced UV/Radiation protection