NanoDiamonds (ND)

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Highest Quality, Purity & Consistency

What is a Nanodiamond (ND)?

Nanodiamond (ND) is a Nano-crystallite particle of hybrid carbon cubic structure <100 nm, with chemically active surface radicals and inert diamond core the average size of 4-5 nm (≈1/10,000 of a human hair thickness).

Adding small amounts of Nanodiamond particles imparts unique diamond-like mechanical and tribological properties, enhancing capabilities and improving functionality. 

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Nanodiamonds (ND) Properties

Retaining their diamond’s properties, Nanodiamond (ND) particles enable the creation of novel materials, advanced composites and multifunctional applications, and drastically enhance performance and capabilities:

  • ​Highest thermal conductivity & electrical resistivity

  • High stability & absorption, Highly biocompatible

  • Robust optical, magnetic & electronic properties

  • Extreme mechanical hardness & wear resistance

  • Superior rheological & tribological properties

  • High chemical, radiation & wear resistance

Strategic partners: Ray Techniques & Neo Composite

Strategic partnership

Ray Techniques Ltd and Neo Composite Ltd are strategic partners: Ray Techniques is a global leader in Nanodiamonds fabrication with patented laser synthesis methodology, proprietary technology, custom-tailored formulations and state-of-the-art applications.

Ray Techniques

Neo Composite

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Neo/Ray ND additives

Our ND tunable additives are available in a wide variety of functionalized Powders, slurries in various solvents, colloids and customized master-batches based on diverse polymers.


  • Compatible with current manufacturing operations

  • Improved economic life & productivity & efficiency 

  • Improving viscosity, uniformity, polymerization 

  • Drastic savings in costs, materials, labor & time

Nanodiamond Applications

Ray Technique’s tunable applications include:
Coatings  Polishing  Lubricating ⬧ Polymers ⬧ Thermal Management ⬧ Catalysts Bio-medicine


  • Electronic & Electrical devices: Significant increase in efficiency, reliability, durability & economic-life

  • Bio-Med: Efficient & precise drug delivery Theranostics Imaging contrast agents ⬧ Research

  • Manufacturing: Enhance the production, performance and economic-life of materials & goods

  • Energy production: Drastically increase productivity, safety, storage capacity & lifespan

Revolutionary solutions to ND industry problems

ND industry problems 

Traditionally ND are produced by explosives detonation in special blast chambers 


  • Production is complicated, expensive & polluting 

  • Low purity, with metal & graphite contaminations

  • Challenging mixing, bonding & colloidal behavior

  • Complex, erratic modification & disaggregation

  • Uncontrollable process & low production output 

  • Insufficient number of industrial formulations

Lab Experiments

Ray advanced ND solutions 

Ray Techniques patented laser synthesis process, pulsing high-energy laser beam through specially prepared multicomponent targets, results in carbon atoms in nanocrystals with tunable diamond cubic lattice: 

  • Compatible with current operations & storage 

  • Controllable, safe & environment-friendly 

  • Highest ND quality, purity & consistency

  • Customizable & scalable  production

Neo/Ray ND Advantages

Neo/Ray ND Features

  • Extreme mechanical hardness 98 GPa {111}

  • Highest thermal conductivity: 2300 W/mK

  • Superior electrical insulation: 10¹³ ῼcm

  • Wide band gap {300 K}: 5.47 eV

  • High refractive index: 2.419

  • Tunable powders, slurries & master-batches

  • Bio-compatibility and non-cytotoxity 

  • Highest sound propagation velocity

  • Chemical and radiation resistance

  • Outstanding optical properties


Neo/Ray ND Benefits

  • ​Improve economic-life, productivity & reliability

  • Enhanced elasticity, tearing & rupture strength

  • Resistance to aging, radiation & corrosion 

  • Highest tensile strength, hardness 

  • Highest scratch& wear resistance


  • Highest quality, purity, consistency & uniformity

  • Consistent disaggregation, mixing & bonding

  • Easy-to-use, customizable & cost-effective 

  • Uniform mixing within diverse materials

  • Medical Biocompatibility & non-toxicity 

ND applications for the global markets 

Neo/Ray diverse ND additives can drastically enhance performance, functionality, productivity, durability and lifespan in a wide range of industries and applications. Some examples: 

Clean energy enhanced productivity, safety, storage capacity & lifespan
Manufacturing efficiency

⬧ Lubricants  Coating; Bonding  Abrasives ⬧ Insulation/Resistance Catalysts  Polymers; etc.
Development of next-generation materials for:
Science & Technology PCB & Electronics Space & Aviation Printing & Textiles and many more...

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